Refrigeration Repairs

Refrigeration Unit Expertise 

When selecting a unit for your Insulated van or refrigerated body we must consider carefully how you are planning to use the vehicle. It helps us to select the right unit if we know about your product, how you plan to load the vehicle and how often you plan to unload it ("door openings"). We also need to know whether you plan to use your vehicle as an overnight cold store or whilst static - at events. 

The units we supply include all those from the well-known manufacturers - including our own Thermal Master Refrigeration Units, Carrier and Thermo King  - all backed by their own manufacturers warranties. 

Transport Refrigeration Methods

  • It is common for transport refrigeration units to be powered by motion from the vehicle engine, known as “off engine drive”, but we also offer diesel drive units and underslung units (This option is particularly suitable where height restrictions apply in your operation or where you do not wish for your refrigeration to be visible externally).
  • We also offer units with electric stand-by operation. These units are usually available in single phase or three phase configuration. Alternatively, eutectic packs may be suitable which are recharged whilst not in use.
  • As well as traditional units where the condenser is housed on the front wall of truck body or the roof of the vehicle, we offer a range of models which allow the condenser unit to be located under the vehicle. 

Skilled Refrigeration Engineers

  • To ensure consistently high standards of refrigeration unit fitting and on-time scheduling, we employ our own skilled engineers supplemented by those available via the manufacturers own approved networks. 
  • This choice of installation process also safeguards the warranty provided by the unit manufacturer provided that the unit is serviced in accordance with their guidelines. 
  • Fully mobile and equipped to go, our engineers are also available to service and repair units in need.
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